Pursuit — a novel by Rudy Apodaca

    My novel, Pursuit, was released and published in April, 2003 by AuthorHouse, of Bloomington, Indiana. The book is available (Hardcover ISBN: 1-4033-8572-6; Softcover ISBN: 1-4033-8571-8) in most bookstores, by special order if not stocked. It can also be ordered at the websites of Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble (bn.com). Following is more information on the book.


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     Pursuit was a Finalist in ForeWord Magazine's 2003 Book of the Year Awards; it placed among the Top 10 entries in the magazine's mystery category. ForeWord Magazine, a literary review trade journal, was founded on the premise that the most thought-provoking, startling, and original books being published today are found on the lists from independent publishers. The magazine was established to bring increased attention to the literary achievements of independent publishers and their authors. It is the only trade journal showcasing reviews and title trends exclusively from university presses, small presses, and POD and ebook publishers.

     Pursuit was also entered in the 2004 Independent Publisher Book Awards competition sponsored by the Jenkins Group Inc., parent company of Independent Publisher Online. In that competition, it placed among the Top 5 entries out of 98 books entered in the publication's mystery/suspense/thriller category. Independent Publisher Online (formerly Small Press Magazine), after 19 years as a print journal, now goes out monthly as an online publication to over 40,000 subscribers worldwide, many of whom are agents, buyers, and librarians.

Dust Jacket "Blurbs":

     "In Pursuit, Rudy Apodaca tells a story of crime, punishment, love, and political conspiracy, speaking with the authority that a long career as a distinguished jurist gives him. An intriguing story told by a retired judge who knows what he’s talking about."
—Tony Hillerman, world-renowned author of award-winning mystery novels

    "Readers who enjoy courtroom dramas with an international connection will love Pursuit. The New Mexico setting, the foreign scenes, and John Garcia as the main character assure the novel will become a favorite."
—Rudolfo Anaya, award-winning author of Bless Me, Ultima and other works

About the book:

    At age 55, John Garcia is one of Albuquerque’s most successful lawyers. His skill at defending insurance and corporate conglomerates has won the praise of the firm’s other key partners, and the money he bills, their envy. Still, something nags at him—life has become nothing but business. He feels trapped, driven to keep up on the one hand and to find a way out on the other. But he has a wife and children, a family used to the good things in life that money brings.

    Into this setting comes a young Chicano, Bernardo Soliz, charged with the attempted murder of the mayor’s daughter. John believes the boy is innocent and, despite the demands of his work, he decides to defend the young man. As he takes on the Soliz trial while trying to keep up with his other work, another challenge appears. Persons from his military past in Vietnam surface to threaten him—unless they get what they want. John is shaken. He needs time to face this new menace. But how? He’s in the midst of the boy’s trial.

    The trial is going badly, coming to an inescapable conclusion in the face of eyewitness identifications of Bernardo as the assailant. As the trial and events from his military past take their toll, another threat descends upon John—his marriage is coming apart.

    Amid the twists and turns in the Soliz case, he finds himself in a moral quandary. He fears his personal problems may have gotten in the way of representing Bernardo to the fullest. He feels he should hang in and fight for the boy’s life. Guilt hangs over him.

    As the Soliz case comes to its double-twisted conclusion, John begins to get a grip on the mysterious foreign threat from the past, but not before it jeopardizes the national security of the United States.

Book Review Excerpts:

From the Las Cruces Sun-News, a daily newspaper (April 4, 2003 issue):

    "Pursuit is an action-packed thriller . . . ."

    "Apodaca’s legal background shows as he methodically sets the stage . . . . for what becomes a fast-paced thriller full of sex, lies, kidnappings and political intrigue."

    "The plots and subplots in this novel will keep the reader involved, and Apodaca’s legal expertise shows in the courtroom scenes that ring true."

    "The Santa Fe and Albuquerque settings will feel comfortable to New Mexicans, and the far-flung other locations provide the exotic element called for in this genre."

From Southwest Book Views (Vol. 2, No. 4, Autumn 2003):

    ". . . [T]his is a compelling book . . . ."

    ". . .[T]he courtroom scenes and discussions of tactics are especially fascinating and realistic, doubtless a reflection of [the author's] long experience with the law."

    "All manner of complications abound, . . . until the final exciting resolution."

Readers' Comments:

    "I found it riveting."  R. A., San Francisco, CA

    "Brilliant; . . . fascinating story; . . . read it non-stop totally mesmerized. . . . Surely going to be a collector's item. . . [T]ruly a gifted writer. . . . I came to [the last page] . . . and wished there were more!"  P. B., Albuquerque, NM

    "Great read! . . . a suspense-filled novel with a well developed plot, real characters, just enough flavor of the Southwest and the law to give it depth. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be absorbed in a good book."  R. G., Jaffrey, NH

    "What a terrific story!!! . . . [K]ept me wanting to turn the pages."  D. D., Ruidoso, NM

    "I couldn't put it down! . . . [A]ction packed; . . . I . . . highly recommend this book to anyone, whether an avid reader or not."  C. Z., Austin, TX

    "I enjoyed it immensely. . . . I actually arose at 4 AM so I could get some reading in before my daily routines started. . . . [A]fter page 50 I was hooked. . . . I shall recommend it to my friends and family."  R. D., Hempstead, MD

    "I started reading [Pursuit] at six o'clock in the evening and read it straight through to the end until two in the morning."  N. R., Las Cruces, NM

About the author:

    Rudy Apodaca, a native and resident of New Mexico, presently lives with his wife in Austin, Texas. A trial attorney for 22 years, he began his judicial career on the New Mexico Court of Appeals, where he served for almost 14 years. Since his retirement from the court, he has divided his time between mediation/arbitration work and his writing. He’s presently working on a coming-of-age novel about life in southern New Mexico.